Download Basic Market Profile and How I Use It – Forex Course

Download Basic Market Profile and How I Use It - Forex Course

Webinar 1: The Beginning – Sign Up

The new webinar series launched on May 25th, 2010. The purpose is to provide a structured approach to your education as you follow my process. I have made the webinars as simple and comprehensive as possible.

Topic No. 1: Basic Market Profile and How I Use It
Audience: Beginning to Intermediate Traders looking for simplicity and an effective read of the market
Contribution: $29.99*
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Market Profile Basics :

  • What is Market Profile?
  • Why is it significant to know what it is?
  • What are the basic features, terminology and acronyms used in Market Profile?
  • How are Market Profiling and Volume Profiling different?
  • Understanding market development and why…
  • Day types
  • Opening Types
  • Market Profile’s limitations and myths
  • What tools are necessary to see the market properly?

How I use it :

  • Why do I use Volume Profiling?
  • What information am I looking at? VPOC’s, Volume Nodes, etc.
  • Why is the overnight auction important? Or is it?
  • What tools am I using to look inside of the noise?
  • Putting it all together…

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